1/12/2012 - Travel Award

Travel Award:

Five Awards at $500 each

Travel to a national or international scientific meeting for the purpose of giving an oral presentation

Deadline January 12, 2012

Electronic submission is required to

The Office of Postdoctoral Education announces the Spring 2012 Travel Awards for Postdoctoral Scholars.  Five awards at $500.00 each will be given to Postdoctoral Scholars to enhance their professional development.  Allowable expenses include travel to national or international scientific meetings for the purpose of giving an oral presentation. These monies are not to be used for the purpose of attending extramural courses (e.g. NIH, Cold Spring Harbor, Woods Hole, etc) or visiting laboratories to perform collaborative studies.

Applicants must be postdoctoral scholars in good standing at UAB.  Interested parties should submit:

·        an updated CV

·        a short description (no longer than two pages) of the scientific meeting or conference as well as the potential benefits to his/her career plans

·        a letter from the mentor endorsing this travel

·        a letter of invitation from the meeting or conference organizers to give an oral presentation on research-related work

·        a budget of anticipated expenses

Applications should be sent by email to the Office of Postdoctoral Education by January 12, 2012.  All applications will be reviewed by the Office of Postdoctoral Education and ranked according to the following criteria: 1) potential impact of attendance at the scientific meeting or conference to the career development of the applicant; and 2) research productivity of the applicant during his/her postdoctoral training as judged by  publication and presentations in national and international meetings. Successful applicants will be notified by February 1, 2011.  All requests for reimbursement must be submitted within 30 days of the activity.  The activity time period is until June 30, 2011.

Expenses will be reimbursed upon submission of appropriate receipts to Office of Postdoctoral Education. See expenditure guidelines at the UAB Financial Affairs website,, for all reimbursable items for employee or trainee travel and the appropriate procedures.  Airline tickets may be provided in advance by the UAB Travel office.

Receipt of this award does not guarantee an oral presentation at the desired meeting; similarly, a oral presentation at a desired meeting does not guarantee receipt of the Postdoctoral Travel Award.  A second funding period will begin in September 2012.

Submit applications to: Office of Postdoctoral Education (OPE),

Electronic submission is required to

For additional information, please call 975-7020, 975-7021 or email,

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